I do keep your CD going all the time. The Captain has become the one CD that I use to pick me up after a long day or when things get me down. It’s great after a long day at my office… I will have to order a new one later this year. Since I’m using the one that you signed for my wife. – Kevin S. Springville, Utah

When our son, Michael, went to Puerto Rico to work for the summer, I asked him many times if he would like me to send him something from home.”I’m fine, mom, he would say.” Week after week, I asked the same question…just in case. This week he said, “The only thing I need from home is some CD’s.” When I asked which ones…he said, “The James F Wright ones…both of them.” So now our copies are in Puerto Rico, I’d better order the new ones before he gets home. Thanks for the memories. And keep building your dreams. – L. Rankin, Stockton, CA

The Captain is amazing music. Congratulations my dear brother! I live in Brazil and I had the opportunity to listen your music. I made the download of The Captain, but I need a favor of you. Can you send me the words of it, please? – Edvaldo de Oliveira Melo & Family, Brazil

I was deeply touched by your live rendition of “Roses” at the SA New Year’s Eve concert in Bellevue WA. I bought your CD “The Captain” from you after the concert that evening and I sang along with you over and over again until I was horse. I love your music and lyrics. My daughter also loves the CD. I have to retrieve it from her CD player whenever I leave the house.

I wanted to thank you for your performance at WashJam last night (Sept 5, 2004, Fort Lewis, WA). I am a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserves, and I returned home 8 weeks ago after spending 18 months away from home, 14 of them in Iraq and Kuwait. I attended WashJam with my wife, 2 sons (Eagle Scout and Life Scout) and oldest daughter (Venture with Ranger and Silver Awards). My wife, daughter and youngest son were in tears during your performance. Thank you for sharing your talents with us and for your support of the Boy Scouts and your remembrance of fallen brothers-in-arms. – Lt. Col. R. Reeder, Moses Lake, WA

I just got a copy of your new CD “The Captain” and find myself listening to it often. Take care and God bless in all you do. – Ted, San Diego, California

James, about a year or so ago I received a copy of your CD, “The Captain.” I love every song on it, I can honestly say I can’t decide on a favorite. I have enjoyed it so much that I will be purchasing the other two available on this site as soon as I can. You have an amazing voice and the messages in your songs are powerful. – Karen, Roseburg, OR

James, your CD The Captain has been very important to me and my sons. While travelling in the car together we often listen to the meaningful lyrics about life, lessons, challenges, and the influences that guide us. Without any prompting one of the boys will select it for listening. When your one song ends “Tell my mother it’s my brother Pete,” we all smile in the warmth of the message. – Craig L. Vancouver, WA

I just returned from the Renton North Girls Camp where you graciously performed for our 300 Young Women and counselors. I ordered your CD and would greatly appreciate an autographed copy. But most importantly I want to thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and message with us. Your music is deeply touching and provided a powerful experience for all in attendance. – Sharon, Issaquah, Washington

I would like to buy 5 more copies of your CD, “The Captain.” It has become a favorite in our house and we need more copies (one for the house, one for the car, etc.) We also want to share it with some of our extended family. – Don, Bellevue, Washington

I really enjoy your music. I love the stories behind some of the songs on The Captain CD. It brings more meaning to the songs, when I listen to them. – Lori, Renton, Washington

Thank you for being with us. I enjoyed your songs, especially “Roses.” My heart was touched. Thank you again for being with us. – Rosemary, Modesto, California

Hello there! I wanted to tell you I’ve enjoyed your music for years, and a story that you told me has made me feel like I have a loved one watching over me. Just a quick note to say thanks I still listen to you music regularly. – Mike, Texas

Your voice is amazing and I was touched by your performance. It was exactly what I needed to hear. – Mehgan, British Columbia

I can’t describe the atmosphere in the car when I played your CD “The Captain” for my mother. It’s something I hadn’t felt with her for many years. The messages in your songs are so powerful and she was overtaken by your music. When we came to a stop she asked if she could have the CD and of course I told her no, but I let her borrow it and it is still in the car. She listens to it when she drives. – Sharla, British Columbia

We LOVE you!!! You have the best voice and we love your songs!!! We love “THE CAPTAIN” We hope you can come back next year with your NEW CD (hint hint) Thanks soooo much for coming to sing for us! We LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (one from each of us!) YOU!!! – Lisa, Ashley, Claire, Heather, Samantha (Girls Camp Gal’s)

I just wanted to thank you for coming to girls camp at the ensign ranch and singing to us a few weeks ago. Your music was beautiful.. You have an amazing talent, not just in singing but also in writing your lyrics. Thank you for adding your talent to our camp. We do love you Mr. (w)right, oh yes we do! Thanks again! – Kristen, Renton, Washington

I would love to try to put into words what your music has done for me and my family. You have touched my spirit so much with your music. You have a wonderful gift for writing music and really putting into words what is in your heart. – Barbara, Orlando, Florida

Since I bought your CD it has not been out of my CD player. You are very talented. You have the gift of using figurative language. I have not decided on a favorite song, yet. I keep playing the whole CD and finding different lines and songs each time. – Susan, Everett, Washington