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James F Wright

Originally from Seattle Washington James F Wright is a singer/songwriter with a distinctively original voice.  James is a gifted musician with a unique ability to express life and its emotions through music. “I believe a song that tells a story stays with you, it resonates as you imprint your own life experiences,” he says.  James explains that the right song will give you vision and hope.  “I build songs around experiences and people who have shaped my life.  I’ve learned to never give up, despite what sometimes appears to be a hopeless situation.”

A seasoned performer, James has created intimate musical experiences for audiences ranging from evening artisans to noontime high school music classes.  His earliest professional performances came in 1980 in San Francisco at downtown hotels and restaurants on the Avenues.  The early ’90s brought trips to Nashville with what he now refers to as his Nashville sessions (Producer Terry Choate) and a 25-year membership in the Nashville Chapter of NARAS. (National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences/The Grammy’s). In 1995, Jerry Earl Johnston of The Deseret News referred to James as “The Voice.”

With the release in June of 2020, of the new CD project, Acoustic Cafe: The First Set, Deseret News Columnist Jerry Earl Johnston recently said “Wright takes some old chestnuts and gives them a delicious roasting here. This CD is not one you play in the background as you eat. This one is the main course.” — Jerry Earl Johnston, columnist, Deseret News.

October 2022 brings the release of Wright’s 6th studio recording, Acoustic Cafe: The Second Set with collaborator arranger and guitarist Michael Dowdle.  A Third Set is already underway and is tentatively scheduled for a fall 2023 release.

Acoustic Cafe: The First Set
Acoustic Cafe: The First SetEasy Listening
Acoustic Cafe: The First Set is the newest 2020 recording project from Singer Songwriter James F Wright. Featuring arrangements and instrumentation by master guitarist Michael Dowdle. 12 of James’ favorite cover songs & two originals create the First Set…
You’ll feel just like you’re present at the Acoustic Cafe!
Acoustic Cafe: The Second Set
Acoustic Cafe: The Second SetEasy Listening
Acoustic Cafe: The Second Set is the next big recording project from Singer Songwriter James F Wright. Featuring arrangements and instrumentation by Michael Dowdle. 14 new songs from James will have you tapping your feet, and feeling like you’re in the middle of the Acoustic Cafe. If you loved the first set, you’ll definitely enjoy this second set!
The Captain
The CaptainEasy Listening
James F. Wright’s very popular CD, The Captain contains original material written by Wright as well as songs written by Senator Orrin G. Hatch, and Lowell Alexander, Kenny Loggins as well as others. “The Captain” was written by Wright’s sister Karolyn K Gaines and arranged by New Age artist, Greg Hansen, and features guitarist Michael Dowdle.