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James F Wright

from Seattle, Washington is a singer/songwriter with a distinctively original voice.  James is a gifted musician with a unique ability to express life and it’s emotions through music. “I believe a song that tells a story stays with you, it resonates as you imprint your own life experiences,” he says.  James explains that the right song will give you vision and hope.  “I build songs around experiences and people who have shaped my life.  I’ve learned to never give up, despite what sometimes appears to be a hopeless situation.” A seasoned performer, James has created intimate musical experiences for audiences ranging from evening artisans to noontime high school music classes.  “It comes from inside, something happens inside you and it’s rarely convenient.  Some days you have to sing, you simply have to do it, and it won’t leave you alone until you do. So you sing. (Debbie Berrett/The word sculpter)

WindsongEasy Listening
Written by Karolyn Kay Gaines and masterfully delivered by her brother James F Wright, Windsong is a song about being left behind in a world that is moving to fast. Arranged by New Age artist Greg Hansen.
Southern Cross
Southern CrossEasy Listening
James F Wright covers the great Stephen Stills song Southern Cross. Featuring the vocal tracks of James and former bandmate David Gallagher. Michael Dowdle is featured on all things guitar with arrangement by Greg Hansen.
When I Look in Her Eyes
When I Look in Her EyesEasy Listening
“When I Look in Her Eyes” is a song about all the things one see’s in an infatuation as it turns to love. Written and performed by James F Wright. Featuring an arrangement by Greg Hansen. Brett Raymond on keyboard and Mike Dowdle on all things guitar.
The Friend I Call Mine
The Friend I Call MineEasy Listening
“The Friend I Call Mine” was the first composition of many that would follow for Singer/Songwriter James F Wright. Arranged and produced by Greg Hansen with contributions by Bret Raymond, Michael Dowdle and Steven Lerud. Recorded at Rosewood in Provo.